L'expérience Fondussimo

The Fondussimo Experience

Over the past few years, we've established ourselves as leaders in culinary innovation, with revolutionary products that have completely changed the way fondue is prepared and enjoyed. And despite our meteoric growth, we've never wavered from our founding principles; 

- To design elegant products that will earn the praise of your guests, that are genuinely useful, and that will be used often for years and years to come;

- To provide a complete 360-degree experience, both in our service and our recipes;

- To develop and nurture a vibrant community of foodies, making it even more fun to be part of the Fondussimo family. 

More details on all this below!

Our Products

The products in our Evolution collection are the result of years of research and development, and represent the very best in terms of ingenuity, functionality, elegance and durability! They offer the most user-friendly way to enjoy reinvented broth, cheese and chocolate dips and fondues, and include everything you need to enjoy a superior culinary experience for gourmets aged 2 to 122!

Perforated Baskets: Fondussimo's Greatest Innovation 

Our famous perforated baskets are made of durable, dishwasher-safe stainless steel, and they're perfect for cooking or dipping all your favourite foods in a delicious broth, without the restrictions and hazards of pointy fondue forks.


Ceramic Double Boil Bowls: 

To complement the revolutionary perforated baskets, we've developed premium ceramic double boiler bowls that allow you to create a bain-marie by adding water to the Fondussimo pot, so you can easily prepare delicious cheese and chocolate fondues! Please note that these accessories are only compatible with our Evolution products; our Tradition Set (no longer available) was designed exclusively for broth fondues.


Elegant Tasting Tongs: 

These convenient tongs are the perfect replacement for fondue forks, whether you're handling your food, placing it in your baskets, dipping it in your cheese or chocolate mix, or safely bringing it to your mouth!


Removable Electric Base: 

Our sets are equipped with an adjustable power electric base that will heat your pot and its contents in no time, allowing you to maintain the ideal temperature throughout the meal! 


Stainless Steel Pot: 

Made of durable easy-to-clean food-grade stainless steel, the Fondussimo Evolution pots have a total capacity of 2 liters (Mini model with 4 baskets) or 3 liters (regular model with 6 baskets) and will come in handy when preparing all your favourite recipes, including a variety of fondues of course, but also any other dish you fancy!


Hook Ring: 

Our patented ring system is designed to hold your baskets in cooking or draining mode, so you can keep your tablecloth tidy and facilitate the clean-up that comes after every good meal!


All of these components are protected by the Fondussimo warranty, which covers them for a minimum of 1 year, and a total of 5 years if you sign up for our free extended warranty! With such a commitment to durability, you'll have nothing to worry about and can rest assured that your Fondussimo products will accompany you on wonderful culinary adventures for many delicious years to come.

Our Recipes

In addition to offering exceptional products, we've created dozens of recipes to go with them (over 60, to be exact!). We've got broth fondues like the Italian, Super Bowl, Bayou, Butter Chicken and Carbonara fondues, cheese delights like the Brie and Swiss and Nachos fondues, and dessert treats like the Choco-Peanut and Nanaimo fondues! In addition to these already available favorites, we're constantly developing new recipes, which you can receive in your inbox every month by subscribing to our newsletter!


Our Service

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our valued customers, we are pleased to offer fast, free delivery anywhere in Canada on orders of $99 or more (excluding remote areas), easy returns, a 1-year warranty easily extended to 5 years, personalized guidance from our reinvented fondue experts, and much more! If you have any questions, comments, or just want to chat about culinary innovation, don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 1-855-999-0620, by email at info@fondussimo.com, or directly on social media!

Our (your!) Community

Our 360-degree approach also translates into a dynamic social media presence; follow us on all platforms to discover delicious content, exciting news and exclusive promotions! Not to be missed is the fantastic Fondussimo Fans Facebook group, which is home to some 35,000 reinvented fondue enthusiasts who love to share their tips, photos and discuss all things related to Fondussimo! Although most of the group's content is currently in French, all languages are more than welcome!

That concludes this brief overview of the delightful Fondussimo experience. You'll understand that the full extent of what it offers cannot be expressed in just a few words, but by purchasing our products and becoming part of our big family, you'll soon realize the creativity, friendliness and generosity that have earned us our reputation!

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