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A Quebec innovation

Thanks to our fondue pot’s unique basket system, you can cook a wide variety of ingredients!

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exclusive recipes!

Enjoy the flavours of the world thanks to the recipes that we have developed to enhance your enjoyment of your purchase. We publish a new recipe every month: we call it #Fondueofthemonth. Don’t miss out!

Our history

Dany Bernard, the entrepreneur who is revolutionizing fondue

Dany Bernard constantly strives to provide the utmost in quality. He is on a mission create innovative fondue experiences that extends beyond traditional and ever-popular dish. His most important value is respect—because without it, ambition is nothing. His dream is to build a proud Quebec brand with a strong international reputation.

Dany Bernard

President and Founder of Fondussimo

Dany Bernard, l’entrepreneur qui révolutionne la fondue

Craving a new take on fondue? Try Fondussimo!

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