Fondussimo: le meilleur rapport qualité-prix sur le marché!

Fondussimo: The Best Value on the Market!

At Fondussimo, we strive to bring you innovative and durable products with features and a design that will make you want to use them for years to come. Here is a list of reasons why our fondue sets offers the best value for money on the market!


The best perforated baskets

The perforated baskets of the Fondussimo Evolution sets are more durable and perform better than the competition. The top-of-the-line dishwasher-safe stainless steel baskets that come with our products are big enough to hold all your favourite foods, sturdy, and easy to use. Not to mention the handy hooks that let you secure them in draining and warming mode (more on that later!).

For all these reasons, it's safe to say that the competition's baskets are simply no match! Other baskets have a smaller capacity, they’re hard to install and won’t fit properly on your old fondue set, and they’re often made of plastic or metal mesh, which makes them very difficult to clean. In addition, their lower quality makes them less durable, and let’s face it; your guests will clearly be more impressed with the high-end experience that the Fondussimo signature baskets bring to the table!

An innovative and evolved patented system

Another important aspect of the Fondussimo experience is our patented ring system. Made from heat-resistant plastic, our improved ring is even easier to install than the original Tradition model, thanks to its practical new fasteners. Moreover, you'll now find grooves paired with slots, allowing you first to place your baskets in cooking mode, and then to hang them up in draining and warming mode.

Cooking mode
Simply lower the basket into the pot, placing the handle on the dedicated groove, and relax while your food cooks in a delicious broth. As for the little stand underneath the basket, it will keep the necessary clearance between your food and the cooking surface, so that everything is cooked to perfection.

Draining/warming mode
Your baskets also features a draining hook, so there's no need to shake them! When your dipping ingredients are ready to be devoured, simply hook the basket onto the slot on the ring. That way, the broth they're drenched in will flow directly into the pot, leaving your hands free to garnish your plate with side dishes or take a sip of your favourite drink! This convenient feature ensures that your table and tablecloth stay nice and clean, and keeps your food warm above the steam.

Safe and versatile

At Fondussimo, our goal is to offer safe and accessible products for everyone. That's why we've chosen to outfit our fondue sets with a modular electric power supply, itself featuring a dimmer switch, to make them as safe, reliable and efficient as possible!

The Fondussimo sets are perfect for use with children: they will love handling their own basket and will not risk pricking themselves as they did with traditional fondue forks. This greater independence at the table will finally make them love fondue; it’s a win-win situation for kids and their parents!

What’s more, your next Fondussimo Evolution set isn’t just for making fondue! Thanks to the new removable pot, you can not only prepare your broth directly on the stovetop, but also use it in electric pot mode to cook other everyday recipes. And since we always encourage you to reuse your leftover broth and dipping ingredients, do not hesitate to pop them in your Fondussimo pot for a 2-in-1 meal with no extra dishes!

Generous inclusions

At Fondussimo, we like to offer you more to help you get the most out of reinvented fondue. That's why we've created the advantageous 3-in-1 sets, which include all the tools you'll need to enjoy a trio of fondues: broth, cheese and dessert (chocolate). It's the ultimate gourmet experience!

We're so confident in the durability of our fondue sets and the quality of their components that we offer an additional extended warranty of four (4) years, for a total of five (5) years combined with the basic warranty! It's a unique offer on the market that will give you true peace of mind.

A delicious recipe directory

While a traditional fondue set is only used an average of 2 to 3 times a year, our customers use their Fondussimo sets much more often than that, thanks to our amazing 4-season recipes! They’re perfect for any occasion: celebrations, family dinners, meals on the patio, getaways to the chalet… Our biggest fans  use their Fondussimo set every week! That’s more than 150 fondue meals over 3 years: talk about good value for money!

A Canadian company with top-notch service

At Fondussimo, one of our top priorities is to provide outstanding service to those who trust us to help them discover the delicious world of reinvented fondue. As a proudly Canadian company, we are committed to providing a world-class culinary experience to people here and abroad by focusing on good communication, transparency, and innovation. Our goal is for everyone who buys one of our products or interacts with us to end their day with a smile, and we ensure that it's the case by providing personalized support and guidance, whether you contact us for the first time or after many years.


The best quality-price-experience ratio

The price of a Fondussimo Evolution fondue set ranges from $174.99 to $249.99. That’s not an amount we spend on a whim, and that’s OK: we want to be sure we get our money’s worth! The reason why the Fondussimo sets holds a special place in the hearts of foodies is simple: it offers the best value for money on the market! Trust the pioneers of reinvented fondue: we even offer free shipping on orders over $99!

At Fondussimo, we work hard every day to earn our title of leaders of the fondue revolution. We’re grateful for everyone who’s joined us on this adventure, and we’ll continue to be driven by our love of good food and good times!

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