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Paella Fondue

Level | Intermediate

Notre recette de fondue

A grand classic of Spanish cuisine, paella represents a particular culinary challenge: the many ingredients involved in its making all require a different cooking time; therefore, everything must be ready at once. Now that is a dilemma!

Thanks to your Fondussimo, you control the cooking of your meats, fish, seafood and vegetables to perfection. You will also love this way of preparing mussels and eating them hot throughout your meal. With a delicious saffron and orange aioli, it is impossible to resist!


For the white wine and saffron broth

For the saffron rice

For the orange and saffron aioli

Recommended garnishes

2 pounds of mussels (1-2 minutes), 250 grams of whole raw shrimp (2-3 minutes), 250 grams of calamari rings (3-4 minutes), 400 grams of chicken (according to the size of the pieces), 1 basket of string beans (6-7 minutes), 2 cups of green peas (1 minute), 1 basket of miniature tomatoes (according to the desired consistency.)

Notre recette de fondue


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