Shipping and delivery

Fondussimo products can be delivered anywhere in North America

Our home delivery service allows you to receive our products in the comfort of your own home. It’s safe and convenient.

What are the delivery times?

From the moment the order is shipped, your product is normally delivered within the following timeframes:


Canada Post will leave a notice at your door if you are absent at the time of delivery.
In the United States, the USPS generally leaves deliveries on customers’ doorsteps if postal workers deem it safe to do so. If not, a delivery notice will be hung on the door with instructions on how to pick up your package.

*Please note that during promotion periods your order may take longer than expected to be delivered. Fondussimo is not responsible for any delivery delays resulting from poor weather conditions, high volume with the postal service due to the Holiday season, or any other case of force majeure.

Are you an international customer?

Do you want to purchase a Fondussimo but reside outside the currently covered delivery area? Please note that our company is growing rapidly and that we plan to add new delivery areas within the coming year.



Transactions on are secure and can be paid by credit card or prepaid credit card. If you have trouble completing your transaction, please contact us at 1 855 999-0620 from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, or by email at [email protected]



We offer the opportunity to buy now and pay later with Sezzle. This option is available for all Fondussimo products and allows you to pay for your purchase in simple installments with 0% interest. When you choose Sezzle as your payment method, we ship your order right away, as if you had paid the full price directly.

How does Sezzle work?

When completing a transaction through Sezzle, the amount due is reduced. You can choose to pay as little as 25% of the total amount, with the remainder split into equal bi-weekly installments. You will not be charged any interest or transaction fees; as long as you make your payments on time, you only pay for the items ordered!

Fondussimo pays a commission to Sezzle for purchases made through its platform, allowing you to buy now and pay later without incurring any additional costs.

If you have to return Fondussimo merchandise paid through Sezzle, the same return policy applies as for any other Fondussimo order. Please refer to our Warranty and Returns page for more information.

We’ll be happy to assist you with the Sezzle payment system, but if you want to contact Sezzle directly, their customer support can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at 1-888-540-1867 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm CST, from Monday to Friday.

The maximal amount for a transaction paid through Sezzle is 2300$ (before taxes).