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5 lighter fondue recipes

Fondue is often seen as a pretty hearty dish, and it usually is! But as you may know, here at Fondussimo, we like to reinvent

There are many tips in order to use your leftover fondue broth.

What to do with leftover fondue broth

Have you prepared a fondue meal with your Fondussimo? It would be a shame to throw out the leftover broth, especially if you’ve taken the time to prepare a good homemade broth! Here is our little guide to recycling this tasty liquid.

How to manage your level of fondue broth?

How to manage your level of fondue broth?

Do you own a Fondussimo? Given its large 3-liter capacity, you’ll find that you need more broth than for a conventional fondue. Here are our best tips for planning your fondue meal!

All about fondue: origin, variations and traditions

The fondue tradition takes on different forms with origins from around the world, including Swiss, Burgundy, chocolate, and the hot pot. Learn about the history of these warm, comforting meals as well as how the unique Fondussimo fondue set was created.

5 foods to avoid in a fondue

Driven by Fondussimo’s perforated baskets, the fondue revolution advocates (us included!) often claim that every single ingredient can now be prepared in a good fondue

Easy to clean baskets!

We’ve all had negative experiences with dirty fondue forks that put the patience of the poor soul who’s in charge of the dishes to the

To precook or not to precook?

Our beloved fondue fans often ask us the same question: “Is it better to precook this or that food before immersing it in a delicious

When families come together

A matter of tradition In Canada, we like staying faithful to traditions, cherishing them, keeping them strong. However, as the decades go by, some practices

Enjoy summer fondues!

Fondue meals are a long-standing winter tradition in Quebec. But did you know that elsewhere in the world, it is a dish eaten in the hottest regions—even in the middle of summer?

The Fondussimo set: The best value on the market!

It is always normal to want value for money. Offering a unique quality-price-experience ratio on the fondue market, the Fondussimo set with baskets is recognized by customers as being worth every dollar invested! In this article, discover what takes fondue to a whole new level with our Québec-made design.