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The Pumpkin Pie Fondue

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
4-6 persons
La Fondue Tarte à la Citrouille

We’re introducing a sweet fondue unlike any other! It’s inspired by the famous pumpkin pie that’s always very popular around Halloween, but in a sweeter version! This fondue is all about the cozy fall vibes and features pumpkin, squash and… pasta! Yes, pasta! You’ll love preparing this recipe and creating your own perfect pumpkin pie-style mini fondue bites.

Fresh pasta is naturally neutral in taste, which makes it perfect to soak up the delicious pumpkin spice flavours of this recipe. You’ll then be able to top your pasta with spaghetti squash, juicy golden grapes, orange slices made even yummier by the warm broth, and delicious ricotta cheese sweetened with orange zest.

To complete your reinvented pumpkin pie bites, top them up with whipped cream and crushed hard caramel candies to make them absolutely irresistible. This recipe is a genuine treat that’ll make you relive your childhood’s iconic Halloween candy runs!

La Fondue Tarte à la Citrouille
  • Ingredients

    When using the Evolution Mini, reduce the amount of ingredients by about one-third.


    • 1 container of 1.75 litre orange carrot and mango juice
    • 3 x 400 ml containers whole coconut milk (1200 ml total)
    • 2 cups pumpkin pie filling
    • ½ cup of your favourite caramel sauce, or more, to taste
    • 2 to 3 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice


    • ½ cup ricotta cheese
    • ¼ cup caramel sauce
    • ¼ cup pumpkin pie filling
    • ¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
    • Crushed hard caramel candy (optional)
    • 2-3 pinches of orange zest (optional)


    • Fresh lasagna pasta (cut into circles, if preferred), diced pumpkin flesh, cooked shredded spaghetti squash, orange or clementine segments, golden sultanas, mini carrot muffins
  • Preparation

    • For the ricotta dessert sauce with orange zest, mix all the ingredients in a bowl at least 1 hour before serving and set aside in the refrigerator.
    • For the broth, place all the ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.
    • Arrange your dipping ingredients on serving plates.
    • Sift the stock, pour the required amount into the Fondussimo set using a pitcher, and enjoy.

    A few tips

    • Pumpkin flesh makes an excellent fondue dipping ingredient; as a general rule, small pumpkins are tastier than large decorative ones. To prepare a pumpkin, cut it in half, scoop its flesh out, slice it into segments of less than 2 inches, and use a peeler to remove its skin.
    • Spaghetti squash is also an amazing fondue ingredient because of all the broth it can absorb. To prepare, cut it in half, place it on a baking sheet – cut side down – and bake it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes, or until its flesh can be easily shredded.
    • Turn your leftover Pumpkin Pie Fondue broth into delicious popsicles with this recipe!