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The Brunch Fondue

Difficulty Level: Easy
Not Spicy
4-6 persons
La Fondue Brunch
Ahhh brunch… Perfect for refueling after sleeping in, this increasingly popular meal mashes breakfast and lunch together! Our Brunch Fondue recipe is ideal to recover from a festive evening, or to make the most of those chill Sundays when you want to take your time and treat yourself! This recipe will make you feel like you’re at your favourite brunch spot; the most popular ingredients are all featured, and we’ve added a few original picks that are definitely worth a try! Enjoy your meal!
La Fondue Brunch
  • Ingredients

    When using the Evolution Mini, reduce the amount of ingredients by about one-third.


    • Three 900 ml chicken broth boxes
    • 1 jar (680 ml) strained tomatoes
    • 250 ml (1 cup) maple syrup
    • 15 ml (1 tbsp.) minced garlic
    • 3 sprigs of fresh thyme
    • 2 onions, chopped
    • 1 bay leaf
    • Salt and pepper to taste


    • Boiled eggs, smoked ham cubes, bacon and cheddar cocktail sausages, halloumi cheese cubes
    • Asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and peppers of various colours, Parisienne potatoes


    • 250 ml (1 cup) mayonnaise
    • 30 ml (2 tbsp.) yellow mustard
    • 30 ml (2 tbsp.) maple syrup
    • 30 ml (2 tbsp.) chopped fresh chives


    Tater tots, bacon, baked beans, sliced bread and fresh fruit

  • Preparation

    • Place the eggs in a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring to a boil, then cover and cook for 10 minutes over medium heat. Drain, then immediately cool under cold water. Peel the eggs and set aside.
    • Combine the mayo ingredients in a bowl. Set aside in the refrigerator.
    • In a large saucepan, combine the broth ingredients. Bring to a boil, then let simmer for 20 to 25 minutes over medium-high heat, until about one-third of the liquid has evaporated. Taste and adjust seasoning if necessary.
    • If preferred, strain the broth through a sieve.
    • Pour the required amount of broth into the Fondussimo set. Set the rest of the broth aside.
    • Arrange the dipping ingredients, sides and dip on serving plates. Bon appétit!

    A few tips

    • Got some broth left after the meal? It will make an excellent braising liquid for ham or chicken.
    • Most kinds of baked beans will not pass through the perforations of the Fondussimo baskets, so you can soak them in the broth without risking losing them in the bowl!
    • Boiled eggs in a fondue? You bet! Just like in an Asian-inspired soup, you can heat up your halves or quarters of hard-boiled eggs right in your Fondussimo! Since they are already cooked, it will only take a few seconds.
    • Did someone say mimosas? Pour 4 ounces (about 100 ml) of sparkling wine into each flute, fill with orange juice, and you’re off to a festive boozy brunch!