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The Mushroom Fondue

Difficulty Level: Easy
Not spicy
4-6 persons
La Fondue aux Champignons
Vegetarian recipe

With its comforting flavours from the forest, this recipe will become your new favourite fondue. Soaked in broth and then dipped in our warm garlic, lemon and thyme butter, your assortment of mushrooms will taste like heaven. Each mouthful will be followed by a “Mmmmmm!”.

Alternate with a few bites of melted Oka cheese, sourdough bread and simmered kale, you won’t even know it’s a veggie meal because it’s so tasty and satisfying! 😉

La Fondue aux Champignons
  • Ingredients

    When using the Evolution Mini, reduce the amount of ingredients by about one-third.


    3 900-ml cartons mushroom, vegetable or beef stock (non-veg)

    3 284-ml cans cream of mushroom soup

    500 ml white wine (e.g. Riesling)

    ¼ cup Asian mushroom sauce, vegetarian oyster sauce or oyster sauce (non-veg)

    2-3 large sprigs fresh thyme

    1 tbsp. tablespoons maple syrup

    Generous amount of freshly ground pepper and salt to taste


    1 cup semi-salted butter

    3-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped

    2 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice

    Thyme from a few leaf-thinned branches, to taste


    Your selection of fresh or dried mushrooms (Champignons de Paris, Crémini, Porcini, Shiitake, Pleurotes, Chanterelles, Morilles de feu), cauliflower, crusty sourdough bread, Oka or raclette cheese, kale.

  • Preparation

    • To prepare the stock, combine all the ingredients in a large pot, bring to the boil over high heat, stirring regularly, then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
    • Meanwhile, combine all the garlic butter ingredients in a small pot and melt the butter over low heat.
    • Arrange garnishes on serving plates.
    • Sieve the stock, then pour the required amount into the Fondussimo. Serve with garlic butter.

    A few tips

    • Do you want to add animal proteins to this fondue? They're just as delicious in this broth. Choose white or pink meat, such as chicken, quail, veal, pork or rabbit.
    • Would you like to enjoy dried mushrooms? We suggest you prepare your broth in two steps. Start by bringing the stock cartons to the boil with the dried mushrooms in the same pot, then close the lid and wait ten minutes before fishing them out. Add all the other stock ingredients, return the liquid to the boil, stirring often, then simmer for 10 minutes.
    • Use a chocolate fondue stove for garlic butter! Its rich, salty taste perfectly enhances the natural umami of the mushrooms.