Everything you need to know about Fondussimo

A proud Quebec company

Dany Bernard

Our genesis

Where does the Fondussimo come from? It is a perforated basket fondue pot designed by Quebecer Dany Bernard.

As a designer, industrial drawer, machinist, welder and industrial mechanic, the young entrepreneur had a dream for a new way of enjoying fondue using perforated steel baskets. He had always dreamed of developing a revolutionary product, and marketed his first batch of products in September 2018, a few months after the birth of his son, Thomas.

The new dad quickly discovered the implications of his business project and rolled up his sleeves to overcome all the challenges, including financing, production, local and international shipping, online sales, inventory management, marketing in all its forms, customer service, etc.

In growth mode

Following the issuance of his first order and to provide his customers with the best fondue experience, Bernard collected user feedback to again improve his fondue pot.

Within a few months and thanks to a communication strategy focused on the Fondussimo’s great versatility, Bernard and his team succeeded in selling all available units, a convincing validation of his perforated baskets concept.

“I had always wanted to offer customers recipes, but with the help of culinary creator Héloïse Leclerc, we really brought that to the next level. My fondue pot accommodates traditional fondue meat, as well as peas, mussels or corn on the cob coins,” said Fondussimo’s founder.

Among great Canadian innovations

In a short time, Fondussimo became a trusted brand that maintains close ties with families who enjoy fondue over and over again.

Since the summer of 2021, this great Québec success has opened the foodie dialogue with other Canadian provinces, where an ever-increasing number of fans have responded to the call of reinvented fondue. The next step: get the entire world on board the fondue revolution!

“My advice to anyone who wants to start in business? Reflect well before moving forward, but don’t wait to have the perfect solution. It doesn’t exist. Entrepreneurs always create something in the heat of the action—but they must be willing to adjust their ways of doing things by listening to customers.”

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