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Our story

What is the origin of Fondussimo? This unique name originally referred to the innovative fondue set with perforated baskets that was the brand’s first product, completely designed by our President and Founder, Dany Bernard!

As an industrial designer, machinist, welder and mechanic, the would-be entrepreneur had the perfect background to invent a new way to enjoy fondue. Having always dreamed of developing a true innovation, Dany launched his very first cutting-edge fondue set in 2018, a few months after the birth of his son, Thomas.

The new dad quickly realized the implications of his new business project and rolled up his sleeves to overcome every challenge: intellectual property, financing, production, local and international transport, online sales, inventory management, marketing of every kind, customer service… The last few years have been very busy, and it’s just the beginning!

Incredible growth

After his first order sold out and in an effort to always offer the best fondue experience to his customers, Dany gathered their feedback to improve his fondue set once again.

Within a few months, Dany and his team sold out all the available units, a total validation of the perforated basket concept. “My fondue set can be used to cook traditional fondue meat, but also ramen, peas, mussels or corn slices”, says the Fondussimo founder. “Fondussimo means ‘more than fondue.’ And every day, we prove how true that is!”

Among the great culinary brands

In just a few years, Fondussimo has established itself as a trusted brand that maintains a special relationship with Canadians, who have welcomed the fondue revolution with open arms.

A great local success, Fondussimo is now opening the door to doing business in the United States, where an ever-increasing number of fondue enthusiasts are answering the call of the reinvented fondue.

The next step is to bring the whole world along for the fondue revolution!

“My advice to someone who wants to start a business? Think carefully before you jump, but don’t wait for the perfect solution, because it doesn’t exist. Market hits are created by entrepreneurs who spur into action, pivot quickly, and remain attentive to their customer’s needs.”

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