Discover our delicious, completely reinvented fondue recipes thanks to Fondussimo!

Are you tired of always making the same traditional fondue broth? We are too!

Thanks to Fondussimo’s revolutionary potential, prepare yourself to discover a world of flavours! In collaboration with culinary expert Héloïse Leclerc from La Touche Héloïse, we have developed a range of exclusive recipes that will make you want to say goodbye! to your usual fondue recipe. On the first day of each month, we will add a new fondue recipe! Discover our #fondueofthemonth first by following us on Facebook or Instagram!

Cook a wide variety of ingredients!

Fondussimo encourages diversity

The recipes we provide will help you make the most of your Fondussimo’s many possibilities! Thanks to its patented basket system, you can cook a variety of non-traditional ingredients, such as pasta and ravioli, seafood and shellfish, various vegetables like baby spinach and enoki mushrooms, legumes and even several varieties of cheese.

Enjoy our all‑in‑one recipes!

Each fondue is unique

Each of our themed recipes includes a tasty fondue broth, a fondue sauce, a selection of toppings for dipping, a side dish suggestion, and tips for getting the most out of your fondue meal.

For example, Greek Fondue pays tribute to a traditional souvlaki dish by cooking your strips of meat and vegetables in oregano broth and heating your Greek pitas using the steam naturally produced by Fondussimo. And the Chiang Mai Fondue broth can be transformed into a delicious soup you can save for lunches after your fondue!

Discover the world’s culinary traditions!

Our fondues will give your taste buds a passport for travel

Who says homemade fondue broth always has to be beef, onion and red wine? With its origins in Asia, the tradition of “Chinese” fondue is much more gourmet and versatile and offers a variety of broths, from mild to very spicy. We challenged ourselves to reinvent several great culinary classics and reinterpret them with Fondussimo sauce! Our Fondue Pad Thai, for example, enables you to cook shrimp, chicken, tomatoes, omelette, vermicelli and bean sprouts to perfection in a sweet and sour broth.

A healthier way to eat

And most of all, still enjoyable!

Our recipes easily adapt to your reality, whether you are looking for flexitarian and vegetarian recipes that appeal to the whole family or you suffer from allergies or food intolerances that limit your choices. The recipes also encourage you to eat more vegetables and help you to cook perfectly, since you have precise control over the process.

The perfect solution for children

A bonus for parents

More and more nutritionists recommend including children in meal preparation and increasing the number of meals shared in the middle of the table to help them develop a good relationship with food. In the tradition of baby-led weaning (also known as BLW), young children are more likely to show food curiosity if they handle the ingredients themselves from start to finish. Fondussimo’s unique basket system is safer than the traditional fondue skewer system, and lets your child have fun when eating foods that children sometimes dislike, such as asparagus, tofu or chickpeas.

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