2-4 pers.

Red Wine Fondue

Level | Easy
Not spicy

This is our take on a classic fondue broth. This recipe is likely to replace the pre-made broths from your grocery cart forever because of the product quality. The most surprising thing is that even by using a wine from your liquor store, your broth will cost you a little less than its commercial counterpart. To take your fondue experience to the next level, we suggest that you ditch frozen slices of beef and use fresh slices of flank steak and dare to combine red meat, fatty fish and seafood for an unbelievable epicurean experience. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your perforated baskets!
Ready? Get set! Get cooking!


For the broth

For the parmesan dip

Fondue ingredients

Beef flank steak in thin slices, salmon or trout in slices or cubes, scallops, vegetables of your choice if desired (ex: asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower), marinades, precooked white rice and lemon to accompany.


Quelques astuces


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