2-4 pers.

Ramen fondue

Level | Easy
Mild to medium spicy

This delicious Asian-inspired recipe combines the pleasure of a traditional fondue meal with an adventurous explosion of flavours and textures ‑in just a few minutes’ time!

Reinvent this recipe again and again by selecting different ramen flavours. For a broth with more of a kick to it, don’t hesitate to add some sambal oelek or Sriracha sauce. For a more authentic experience, top your ramen fondue with a soft-boiled egg.

One thing is clear: this Asian fondue truly packs a flavourful punch!


Asian broth

Oriental medium-spicy mayo

Recommended garnishes

1 kg of frozen Asian meatballs (homemade or store-bought), 2 packs of dehydrated ramen noodles, 1 container of shiitake, enoki or Paris mushrooms, 1 red bell pepper cut into strips, the leaves of 12 baby bok choy (well rinsed), other Asian vegetables of your choosing (ex.: lotus root, gailan, daikon radish, Japanese eggplant, etc.).


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