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The Piña Colada Fondue

Level | Easy

Cette recette de fondue sucrée signée Fondussimo vous

You have been asking for it, well here it is: the first fondue with a broth that’s made specifically for dessert… which doesn’t mean that it can’t be enjoyed at brunch!

Unlike a classic chocolate fondue, where runny chocolate coats the ingredients, the broth here serves as a poaching liquid for your favourite exotic fruit selection.

They do not hold a lot of broth and will not soak it up, but the heat of the liquid will bring out their juicy and sweet taste. It will make them seem riper and gorged with sunshine! Cantaloupes, mangoes, lychees and papayas can then be dipped in a light but deliciously sweet lime and white chocolate yogurt.

Successfully preparing a sweet fondue like this one is quite different from making a traditional fondue! We have therefore compiled 6 useful tips in a new blog post to make sure that your next culinary experience is a success!

If you want to make this vitamin-filled fondue more decadent, you’re more than welcome to add a selection of macaroons, thin Oreo cookies and honey-glazed doughnut holes to the mix to complete the hat trick!


For the broth

Lime and white chocolate yogurt

Suggestions de garnitures

Cette recette de fondue sucrée signée Fondussimo vous


Quick tips


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