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Peanut Chicken Fondue

Level | Easy

Peanut Chicken Fondue

Peanut sauce is a popular Asian flavour profile. It inspired the creation of this absolutely one-of-a-kind fondue! Fans of gourmet dishes will be delighted to experience a new, ultra-unique and fun way of tasting chicken. But don’t stop there! This broth is also delicious with pork, shrimp and many vegetables, including fabulous “zoodles,” which are zucchini spirals that perfectly compliment all flavours!

Wrap your ingredients in napa cabbage leaves to create gluten-free vegetable wraps bursting with freshness, a patio dinner option that will amaze your guests!


Pour le bouillon

Sauce aux arachides

Suggestions de garnitures

Peanut Chicken Fondue


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