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The Impostor’s Xmas Fondue

Level | Easy

The Impostor's Xmas Fondue

Fondussimo is celebrating in style by teaming up with the Culinary Impostor to revisit your holiday fondue Keto style! Just like us, immerse yourself in the gourmet and delectable world of this gourmet dish and gather your loved ones around the only set with baskets that allows you to revolutionize your fondue meals!

Go with the flow and go with the flavour with this celebratory fondue recipe that’ll give you a (tasty!) basket of joy each time!

Add some spice to your Xmas dinner and a dose of gourmet comfort to your plate. With its appetizing shades of red and green, this creation will delight all the elves in your household, even those who normally prefer to hide under the coats!

Your tools: A Fondussimo. A large pot. Holiday magic!

With lots of love,
Matt The Impostor

Culinary impostor

* Photo: Teixeira Photographie



For the broth

For the sauce


The Impostor's Xmas Fondue


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