2-4 pers.

Fisherman’s Fondue

Level | Intermediate
Not spicy

This recipe pays tribute to people who love white fish, which is an ingredient often excluded from fondue meals due to their very flaky texture. Your Fondussimo will allow you to accomplish the impossible: obtaining a perfectly cooked piece of fish each time—something classic chowders or fish soup can’t offer with their mostly overcooked fish. Enhanced with a creamy dill sauce and paired with savoury vegetables, such as mushrooms, pearled onions and chunks of corn on the cob, this Fisherman’s Fondue is bound to become a new classic! For an even more refined version, you can also serve it with giant scallops. You won’t regret it.


Seafood broth with salted herbs from the Bas du Fleuve

Creamy dill sauce

Dipping garnishes


A few tips


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