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Firebarns Bayou Fondue

Level | Intermediate
Medium spicy

In collaboration with Firebarns, we present a fondue full of history!
Did you know that during the 18th century, more than 14,000 Acadians (French Canadians from eastern Canada) were deported to the United States, and that many of them chose to settle in Louisiana? This population had to adapt to a completely different climate, abandoning the windswept shores of the Maritimes for the sticky heat of the Louisiana bayous.

These new settlers were inspired by Native, African, Spanish and American cuisines, not to mention their own French roots. They incorporated the various ingredients they could fish, hunt and grow into their diet: the 3 vegetables of the “Holy Trinity” (onions, celery and green peppers), as well as shrimp, crayfish, smoked sausages and of course, the famous Cajun spices! Add some hand cut “corn ribs” and you will enjoy true food bliss!

« The Bayou Fondue will make you taste the typical flavours of this unique region, and transport you, if only for a moment, to beautiful New Orleans! » – Frank Ménard, co-owner of Firebarns



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Cajun Mayo

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