2-4 pers.

Easy sausage, broccoli and cheddar frittata

Level | Easy
Not spicy

A frittata is an Italian dish that is similar to an omelette or a quiche, but without a crust. It’s an easy recipe to make. With our Fondussimo version, you can prepare it at the campsite (as long as you have access to electricity) or at the cottage, without dirtying a lot of dishes.

We opted for a combination of ingredients that will appeal to the entire family, but you can change them as you wish for a vegetarian or seafood version. You can also incorporate pre-cooked pasta or the ingredients from last’s nights fondue. Serve your frittata with the same sauce to give it a small additional punch of flavour! Just be careful to add the right spices to the egg preparation accordingly…



Quelques astuces

  • To keep your frittata hot during a meal, during a brunch, for example, you can serve it directly from the Fondussimo by keeping the temperature controller at the lowest setting. Always handle the warm pot with caution, using oven mitts if necessary.
  • Did you end up deciding to change the recipe and wish to use your own ingredients? If so, determine what should be sautéed first in the Fondussimo bowl before adding the egg preparation and what can simply be placed on the frittata. Smoked salmon, for example, is best when added at the end.


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