What to do with the broth after a fondue meal

Have you prepared a fondue meal with your Fondussimo? It would be a shame to throw out the leftover broth, especially if you’ve taken the time to prepare a good homemade broth! Here is our little guide to recycling this tasty liquid.

3 advantages of recovering and reusing your fondue broth

Before moving on to recovery tips, let’s take some time to discuss why it’s a good idea to give your leftover fondue broth a second life.

  • It will lower your overall food bill. In fact, the portion of your budget going to fondue broth for a meal can be significant, especially if you use a good red wine to improve Chinese fondue.
  • It eliminates food waste. Every every action counts.
  • Cooking food in the broth during the fondue meal adds an even richer taste. You can enjoy it afterwards!

Our 5 best tips to give your broth a second life

First, know that not all broths are meant to be converted in the same way. Before following a tip, ask yourself if it makes sense. For example, a red wine broth might not be as good as a sauce for white fish.

We therefore suggest that you familiarize yourself with all the “Reuse” tips before selecting one for your fondue.

  • Freeze your leftover broth and reuse it during your next fondue meal. You’ll then only need to make half a broth recipe or add aromatic liquids to get the suggested quantity. Please note, according to health and safety standards, you must avoid freezing/thawing a food product twice or more.
  • Turn your broth into a soup meal! Is your broth too salty or is the flavour too strong? (This often happens with store-bought broths after a fondue meal.) Add a little water, or another unsalted aromatic liquid, and a pinch of sugar.
  • Turn your broth into a braising liquid! Whether you’re cooking a beef roast, a ham, or a pork roast, the broth’s aromatic profile should guide you when choosing the right meat to use.
  • Convert your broth into a pasta sauce! For example, the broth from Italian fondue (with tomatoes) is perfect for making a spaghetti sauce. If your broth is too runny, you can thicken it by boiling it with cornstarch dissolved in cold water.
  • Take a look at the “A few tips” section in the Fondussimo recipes: several of them provide a way to convert the broth according to the recipe’s flavour profile.

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Our 5 Best Fondue Broth Recipes

Are you looking for some wonderful homemade fondue broth recipes? With the Fondussimo’s innovative system of perforated baskets, you can cook a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional ingredients, which will taste even better with delicious homemade broths!

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