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Everything you need to know about fondue

The fondue tradition takes on different forms with origins from around the world, including Swiss, Burgundy, chocolate, and the hot pot. Learn about the history of these warm, comforting meals as well as how the unique Fondussimo fondue set was created.

5 tips to get a great smoky flavour

Do you crave that irresistible smoky flavour but don’t want to light briquettes? Did you know that you don’t need a BBQ or a smoker to enjoy smoky and charred flavours?

Our 5 Best Fondue Broth Recipes

Are you looking for some wonderful homemade fondue broth recipes? With the Fondussimo’s innovative system of perforated baskets, you can cook a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional ingredients, which will taste even better with delicious homemade broths!

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