When families come together

A matter of tradition

In Canada, we like staying faithful to traditions, cherishing them, keeping them strong. However, as the decades go by, some practices change, evolve, and modernize.

The bridal trousseau is one of those long-standing traditions that have remained part of our culture. It has been updated and today’s newlyweds usually receive gifts, typically a rather unremarkable envelope containing a few bills.

Historically, the trousseau that came from the bride was a collection of goods that the couple would need to get their family life off to a good start: table linens and clothes, bedding, pots and pans, a set of dishes, etc. The women of the bride’s household usually made these fine goods themselves, while the men were in charge of crafting the “hope chest” or “cedar chest”, a trunk (and later a large suitcase) that would be used to store seasonal and formal clothing.

After the Second World War, this thousand-year-old tradition is adapted to the times. Instead of being handmade, the goods are now purchased, and the current custom of offering gifts to the couple at the reception begins to gain popularity.


Gifts can be tricky!

Finding the right gift for a wedding can be a real challenge! Nowadays, newlyweds often have everything they need, since they usually already live together. The sheer number of presents they’ll receive typically warrants the creation of a wedding registry, a list that catalogs gift ideas that are sure to please the two lovebirds.

The wedding registry concept originated in the 1920s, when department stores such as Macy’s, Marshall Field’s and Neiman Marcus introduced ways for newlyweds to create a list of items they wished to receive, in order to avoid unwanted or duplicate gifts. These registries have changed with the times, but they are still very much a thing today! Major retailers such as Indigo, Ikea, The Bay, and even Amazon now allow you to create an online registry, and websites like Ookoodoo make it possible to assemble a registry of items sold by multiple retailers.

We’re often told that the Fondussimo set is a great trousseau or registry gift, and we agree that connecting the delicious tradition of fondue to the age-old custom of wedding presents is quite evocative! Moreover, just like the hand-made trousseau of the past, a good wedding gift must be a high-quality item that will last and accompany the young couple through various phases of their life together: the Fondussimo set is a sure bet!


A versatile gift

In addition to being a premium product that will stand out from the other items on the gift table, the Fondussimo fondue set is a versatile gift that will adapt to the many situations and stages of a young couple’s life! Its 6 baskets will allow them to host all their in-laws at once (at their own risk!), or invite friends to celebrate during wonderful gourmet evenings that they’ll never want to end!
And if the lucky ones ever decide to start a family and welcome new recruits to the team, their Fondussimo set will be there to introduce the youngsters to the pleasures of eating well!

All that’s left to do is to coordinate with the other guests so that the newly married aren’t buried in Fondussimo kits, as one or two sets are plenty for a contemporary family! Happy wedding season!

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