The best meats for reinvented fondues

At Fondussimo, we love veggiespastacheese and all the other foods that perforated baskets invite us to prepare, but we also enjoy a nice piece of meat cooked in a delicious homemade broth! The various flavour combinations of our various reinvented fondue recipes work well with just about anything, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have our favourite meats! But before we get to them, let’s take a quick look at the most popular types of fondue and the ways in which they incorporate meat.


The types of meat fondues


As we explained in our All about Fondue article, broth fondue is clearly the oldest of the bunch, having appeared in Asia over two millennia ago! It’s also the most popular fondue variety around the world, whether in hot-pot or reinvented fondue mode. So not only is broth fondue the longest-standing option, it’s also the healthiest, and definitely the most versatile – just take a look at our recipe directory! There are many ways to incorporate meat into broth fondues, either in bundles (with toothpicks!), or directly in the basket (sausage chunks, filet mignon, scallops, shrimp, flank steak, etc.!)


Second in popularity is the famous cheese fondue! First appearing in Switzerland around the 16th century, it became popular around the world in the 1960s. Meat goes quite well with it, as long as you cook it before dipping it into the cheese mixture, and aren’t afraid to use impractical and rather pointy fondue forks, which unfortunately often cause the loss of lovely pieces of meat in the pot! And when you consider how complicated fork rescue operations can be, you have to wonder… What if there was a way to optimize the cheese fondue process from start to finish? Here at Fondussimo, culinary innovation is our forte, and we’ve got some exciting ideas brewing for reinventing the way cheese fondue is enjoyed! We can’t reveal much at the time of publishing this article (October 1st, 2023), but we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our next innovations!


The third type of fondue that involves meat is Bourguignonne (oil) fondue. Less popular than the previous two, it first appeared in Switzerland in 1948, not in France, as its name might suggest. At Fondussimo, we’re a little less fond of this fondue, for which the ingredients are fried in a pot of boiling oil. More dangerous, less healthy and offering fewer options, Bourguignonne fondue is not recommended with our products. We prefer to focus on offering you safer, cleaner and tastier options!


Which meats are best for broth fondues?

Let’s get down to business! All meats can be prepared in a reinvented fondue, but below is a list of our favourite ways to incorporate the real broth superstars, as well as recipe ideas to take full advantage of the perforated baskets!


Pork, beef, turkey, chicken… There’s no limit to the types of meatballs you can dip in your reinvented fondues! While meatballs stuck on a fondue fork would crumble in the pot, thanks to the perforated baskets, they’ll stay intact while absorbing all the flavours of your broth! You can even put raw meatballs in the baskets – yes, the Fondussimo set allows you to cook any meat directly in the broth! We’ve written an article on the matter: To precook or not to precook? And here are a few recipes from our delicious repertoire that feature meatballs: The Meatball Stew Fondue, The BBQ Fondue 2.0, The Christmas Fondue, The Super Bowl Fondue

Thin cuts:

Life can sometimes feel like a whirlwind of to-dos and commitments, and we don’t always have time to sit down for hours to eat! Does that mean we have to give up meat for our on-the-go fondue recipes? Certainly not! You’ll just have to enjoy it in thinner slices that cook faster! Try these recipes that feature beautiful thin slices of meat: The Lamb Fondue, The Red Wine Fondue, The Philly Cheesesteak Fondue

Fancier cuts:

The versatility and large capacity of the Fondussimo set’s perforated baskets mean that you can use them to prepare all sorts of more refined meat cuts – your guests will be amazed by the tasty possibilities! Serve game meat in strips or cubes, flank steak, duck breast, pieces of filet mignon… Here are our top recipes featuring more refined cuts: The Chimichurri Fondue, The Hunter’s Fondue, The Korean Beef Fondue, The Ancestral Fondue


It would be unthinkable to expect that a piece of fish stuck on a fondue fork could be cooked in a broth without breaking into pieces, but in a perforated basket, it’s a completely different story! Choose firm or flaky fish for your reinvented fondues, and have fun letting it swim in the broth until it’s cooked to perfection! Take the plunge with these recipes:: The Sea Goddess Fondue, The Fisherman’s Fondue 


Lobster, snow crab, shrimp, mussels and other sea delicacies all compete for a spot in your baskets – what a mouthwatering variety! Here are two delicious recipes that feature seafood as a main dipping ingredient: The Mussels in Beer Fondue, The Rosé Seafood Fondue


Sliced, bevelled or cut in half, sausages are definitely invited to the reinvented fondue party! They’ll soak up all the flavour of a good homemade broth, try our Oktoberfest Fondue or Bayou Fondue to taste it for yourself!


As you can see, almost every type of meat and cut can be used in a reinvented fondue! The good news is that you’ll never have to limit yourself and can let your imagination run wild, but on the other hand, having so many choices can be a bit overwhelming! But don’t worry, our culinary innovation experts are ready to answer all your questions and offer delicious suggestions, whether it’s about our product selection and their uses, or our ever-expanding recipe directory!

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For the best meat fondues, choose Fondussimo!

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