The best fondues to make with kids

One of the main strengths of the Fondussimo set is that its perforated baskets and patented hanging system make enjoying a tasty fondue much more fun! The fact that the set works with electricity instead of burning dangerous blue fuel makes it safer at the table, and the baskets are much easier to handle than pointy traditional fondue forks!

The best thing about this improved accessibility is that it gives kids the opportunity to experience the pleasures of reinvented fondue. As mentioned in this previous blog post, the autonomy that children gain by handling their own basket, combined with the greater variety of ingredients that they like that can be prepared in them and to our delicious broth recipes that are less bitter and salty than store-bought options means that children can finally enjoy the delicious fondue ritual thanks to Fondussimo! 

Discover our 5 favourite fondue recipes to prepare with kids below. Pssst… Grown-ups will love them too!


The Pizza Fondue

Pizza! One of the most popular dishes in the world, it definitely has a spot in the top 5 meals of most kids, and of many of their parents too!

Revisit this timeless moving day, movie night and quick dinner classic in an equally yummy fondue version! Created with the same no-fuss-meal vision, this recipe is perfect for introducing kids to the joys of reinvented fondue. They’ll love mixing their toppings in a basket before placing them on a tortilla, naan bread or Greek pita to create their own little pizza!

Note: The red wine broth suggested in the recipe contains no alcohol and has a very mild taste, but you can still replace it with a standard beef broth if you prefer!


The General Tao Fondue

Much like pizza, General Tao Chicken is a dish that almost everyone enjoys, regardless of the date marked on their birth certificate! The sweet and sour broth in this recipe will be a hit among children, and the chicken pieces they’ll cook in it will come out full of flavour, while being much healthier than the breaded version we’re used to!

Complement the meal with crunchy veggies, dumplings, and rice bowls to set it all down, and serve with our delicious sweet and sour dipping sauce for a surefire crowd-pleaser!

Note: Don’t forget to check the chicken pieces to make sure they are cooked through. We recommend cutting them into small pieces to speed up the cooking process and ensure a safe and tasty meal for everyone!


The Philly Cheesesteak Fondue

This simple comfort-food recipe is a clear favourite with the kids of our Fondussimo Fans, and we can see why! Minced beef and melted cheese in a nice fluffy bun: simple and effective! Add some crunchy veggies to dip in the broth to give the whole thing a vitamin boost, and voilà!


The Super Bowl Fondue

Whether your kids like football or not, this fondue recipe is a guaranteed touchdown! No need to pull off a trick play to get them to eat the cheese curds and hot dog sausages it features – they’ll love using them to make their own sliders with some mild capicolla or smoked meat! The pork and veal meatballs in the recipe are also a must-try, just make sure your little ones let them cook long enough in the broth! To speed up the meal and save you some trouble, you can also precook the meatballs. Simply reheat them in the broth for a few seconds to give them a nice sweet and sour flavour!

Note: The small amount of beer that goes into this broth will lose all of its alcohol when cooked, but you can still replace it with the same amount of filtered apple juice!


The Spring Break Fondue

To round off this mouth-watering list, let’s go on a dessert fondue adventure! Our Spring Break Fondue will appeal to sweet tooths of all ages – it makes for a fun gourmet activity to enjoy with your young ones on their days off! Just remind them to keep the broth-dipping time of their fruits and pastries to a minimum to prevent them from becoming mushy. Have fun!


And as a bonus… Fondussimo’s Chocolate Pudding Cake!

Just because we love you guys, let’s throw a special cake recipe in the mix; it can normally be found in the “Recipes without baskets” section of our website! Because while we agree that the Fondussimo baskets are awesome, our signature product has more than one trick up its sleeve! Remove the baskets and the patented ring system from the Fondussimo set, and ta-da! You’re now the proud owner of a powerful and practical electric frying pan that can be taken everywhere! 

This chocolate pudding cake recipe is vegan (or vegetarian if you choose to use an egg, see its “A few tips” section) and the perfect healthy dessert to make at the campsite or cottage! And let’s face it, once the word “chocolate” shows up in a recipe, there’s a good chance it will be unanimously approved by sweet tooths of all ages!


At Fondussimo, we understand that family life can sometimes get a bit hectic! We’re happy to bring you recipes that will inspire food lovers from 0 to 122 to gather around the table and spend some quality time together, one delicious basket at a time!

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