The art of sharing baskets: It can be done!

With the classic fondue, everyone handles their own fondue forks. Despite the colour code meant to help you find your own in the clutter, stealing others’ ingredients is indeed part of the tradition!

A new Fondussimo user’s first instinct is to choose a basket and never take their eyes off it. Since its location is fixed throughout the meal, it is impossible to lose it. End of story, right? Not necessarily!


The purpose of excess baskets

Designed for 2 to 6 people, the Fondussimo fondue set has 6 perforated baskets. Traditionally, a group of 4 people would have to use 4 baskets and store 2. We’re telling you to forget the old days and take advantage of a new way to enjoy fondue!

For a group of 4 guests, the 2 additional baskets could, of course, be reserved for the exclusive use of the big eaters. However, we believe they are better put to use for slow-cooking ingredients: slices of sweet potato, baby potatoes or mushrooms. You could also reserve them to cook more meat for everybody!


Aim for perfectly cooked ingredients

Logically, only ingredients requiring the same cooking time should be in the same basket. While some users get around this by adding ingredients one after the other to their private baskets, the best scenario is where 1 basket = 1 ingredient.

But eating one thing at a time is no fun. That’s where sharing baskets comes in. By cooking various food items separately and then placing them on a large sharing plate, everyone can dig in and create their perfect bites. Want more salmon? Make some more for the whole group.

This is especially useful for multi-food inspired fondues, such as Ramen Fondue and Pho Fondue, because the real pleasure comes from having pasta, meat, and vegetables in the same bite.


To serve a large group

With 6 baskets, you can easily serve a group of 8 to 10 people. Here again, this implies thinking about your fondue differently and choosing an appropriate recipe. Some of our fondues inspired by a “bar” concept consist of cooking the toppings and then incorporating them into other dishes, such as Mexican Fondue, which allows you to prepare fajitas, Oktoberfest Fondue, which produces delicious hot dogs, or Greek Fondue… You can guess the principle!

Take it from us: 6 baskets are more than enough to cook the meat and vegetables that will fill the 2-3 tortillas or the few pieces of sandwiches that will be eaten by each member of a group of more than 6 guests. Up to 10 people can eat a hot meal at their own pace in a very pleasant way.

Prefer to manage your own basket? That’s fine too! There are no limits with Fondussimo, just a world of possibilities!

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