Our favourite vegetables for a reinvented fondue

At Fondussimo, we’re used to shaking up culinary conventions through sheer innovation! It’s what makes our strength and positions us as leaders of the fondue revolution. As we prepare to discuss our favourite vegetables, we want to reassure you that the classic trio of mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli can keep their special place at your table – they’re classics for a reason!

But with Fondussimo, you can go beyond tradition and invite all sorts of new tempting vegetables to your reinvented fondue party! What’s more, filling your perforated baskets with a variety of colourful vegetables will make your fondue meal lighter, so you can enjoy it longer, and more often!


Three revisited classics and a new way of eating


In the old days (read: the thankfully long-gone days when Fondussimo didn’t exist), to get the best out of vegetables in a fondue, we had to choose those that were easy to cook and pierce with pointy fondue forks. These restrictions severely limited the options, which is why we often ended up with a selection limited to broccoli, blanched potatoes and button mushrooms!

However, although Fondussimo has opened up a whole new world of culinary possibilities, that doesn’t mean we should forget the classics! These three favourite vegetables will taste even better when placed in our perforated baskets, which allow you to better control their cooking. You’ll also be able to try other varieties of these popular veggies: Parisian or smashed potatoes, and enoki or shiitake mushrooms!

Each basket of the Fondussimo set can even be dedicated to one ingredient, which is particularly useful when preparing a variety of veggies that require different cooking times! Find out more about the 1 ingredient = 1 basket principle in our article on the Art of sharing baskets!


Better and tastier fondues


Potatoes and broccoli take quite a while to cook. When they had to be stuck on a fondue fork, they needed to be blanched before the meal, unless you wanted to spend several minutes dangling your fork in the fondue pot, only to pull out an ordinary spud! A rather disappointing result, especially when compared to the large number of foods that can be prepared in one go in a Fondussimo basket!

Don’t get us wrong, we love potatoes, but it’s so much more fun to combine them with all sorts of other foods in a basket, secure it to the Fondussimo ring, and let the contents slowly absorb the flavours of the broth while sipping on your favourite drink and chatting with the other guests seated around your delicious reinvented fondue meal!

It’s still possible to precook the veggies of the Holy Trinity, or any other food that requires more cooking time to speed up your Fondussimo meal! Check out this article on our blog, which takes a deeper look at the age-old question: to precook or not to precook?

We invite you to discover dozens of new mouthwatering ways to enjoy mushrooms, potatoes and broccoli with our reinvented fondue recipes, available for free on our website and in our Fondue Réinventée magazine (in French), which features 20 exclusive fondue recipes and a range of delicious dipping ingredient ideas!

Psst! Speaking of potatoes, our Fondussimo Fans tell us that they make excellent “fillers” for the Fondussimo bowl to raise the broth level during meals when fewer guests are sharing a delicious fondue!


New superstar veggies to try with the Fondussimo baskets


Now that we’ve settled the broccoli-potato-mushroom question, why not take a look at our new favourite vegetables to add to your reinvented fondues? Let’s go!


Both crunchy and absorbent, they’re a perfect match for all kinds of Asian-flavoured fondues, such as our Pho Fondue!


In chunks or in “ribs” (oh yes!), this versatile vegetable-cereal is a great option for all your fondues, including our Corn Chowder Fondue!


Perfect to add a touch of flavourful colour to all your creations, these cute little veggies are the ideal size for Fondussimo’s perforated baskets; try them in our Birria Tacos Fondue!


There are several varieties of these delicious cucurbits, and they’re all good in a reinvented fondue! In strips, slices or zoodles… there are so many fun ways to enjoy them!


As you can see, the possibilities are endless with Fondussimo!

You can even make vegetables the centre of your meal by trying our tasty vegetarian fondues! Take a look at our recipe directory – you won’t regret it!


Now that we’ve looked at the classic and new veggies you can prepare in a reinvented fondue, we wish you all the best for the rest of the day, and hope you’ll let your imagination run wild with the Fondussimo fondue set!

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