Keep a clean tablecloth with Fondussimo!

Will the Fondussimo fondue set get my tablecloth dirty?

Let’s cut to the chase: no! The Fondussimo fondue set will not soil your tablecloth, unless you literally jump on the delicious ingredients it contains without a care in the world! (we totally get it if you do, don’t worry!) Jokes aside, here are a few tips to make sure your tablecloth stays spotless throughout the feast!

Clever design

Tons of things make the Fondussimo fondue set revolutionary, its modern and clever design certainly being one of them! In addition to its perforated stainless steel baskets, a major innovation introduced by the set is its patented heat-resistant plastic ring. This removable ring is super durable and will keep the broth that drips from the baskets inside the bowl, rather than on your tablecloth! Allow us to tell you how.

Special hooks for optimal draining

The heat-resistant ring and the perforated baskets of the Fondussimo fondue set work together to make draining easy and efficient! Instead of having to shake your little fondue forks over the broth (and risk losing your precious bite, leading to an emergency rescue mission), simply use the convenient hook at the bottom of each basket to hang them over the broth, and let gravity do the work while you chitchat or sip on your favourite beverage!

This system is designed so that the baskets don’t come in contact with the broth, allowing the tasty liquid coating your ingredients to drain completely in just a few seconds. Plus, the heat and steam coming from the bowl will keep the contents of the basket warm until you’re ready to dive in!

Although you may be tempted to place your Fondussimo baskets directly in the bowl when cooking your ingredients, we strongly recommend that you use the upper hooks provided for this function (at the top of each basket), in order to spare the non-stick coating of the bowl… and to keep your warranty valid!

Sift your broth

Store-bought broths and grandma’s red wine fondue recipe are full of little diced onions and other aromatics that will try their best to clog the holes of your perforated baskets. Our philosophy? Better safe than sorry! Strain your broth through a fine mesh sieve before the meal!

Don’t want to say goodbye to the delicious onions, but they are clogging your basket? Don’t worry, you can still keep them swimming in your broth for the whole meal! If your basket gets clogged, simply hook it to the Fondussimo ring and drain its content by stirring it with a utensil (we recommend the Fondussimo tongs)!

Plan a spot to place your basket

To be really, really sure that not a single drop of broth ever reaches your lovely tablecloth, you may want to plan a spot to place your basket before you enjoy its treasures! The small plates of the Fondussimo 10-piece modular tableware set are ideal for this purpose: they don’t take up much room on the table and will add a little panache to your presentation!

Yes, the Fondussimo fondue set surpasses the good old fondue kit once again! This time, it’s by making it much easier to keep a clean table during your meal. Reinventing the art of fondue while making this friendly way of eating more elegant and enjoyable, that’s what Fondussimo is all about!

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