Fondussimo’s modular tableware set: 5 questions with our Founder

The launch of a second product, a 10-piece modular tableware set, is a major step for Fondussimo.

Dany Bernard, the company’s President and Founder, shares his answers to 5 questions regarding this new creation.

How did you decide that a versatile modular tableware set would be Fondussimo’s second product?

First, with the idea. Just as the fondue set remained the same for decades before Fondussimo came up with the revolutionary perforated baskets, fondue tableware has remained unchanged through the years.

Traditions are great, but some of them may need a little update! Do we really want to keep space-consuming plates in our cupboards, only to use them once or twice a year? What do you do with the four sauce compartments when you only serve two sauces? And let’s be real, do they really stay in each of these little compartments, or are they just used as psychological dividers from the salad, bread and rice?

In short, we felt there was a way to improve fondue tableware and make it more modern. The guiding principle for us was: how can we make a versatile product and offer the best possible price-quality-experience ratio?

How long did it take to develop this new product?

From the first meeting to the end of the project, the whole process took a year and a half, which is quite something! From our experience developing our first product, we already knew that putting a culinary innovation on track could take time, but we were still a bit surprised!

What have been the longest steps in the development process?

It depends on a few factors, but the two that stand out are the design process and the achievement of the desired quality level. For us, cutting corners is not an option!

In my career before Fondussimo, I always tried to make my projects as sturdy as possible to ensure their durability. Quality, aesthetics and functionality are important values for the Fondussimo team, and we put the time and effort to ensure that it shows in our products.

For example, we’ve built 4 prototypes of the tongs included in the set, to ensure a flawless touch and feel experience when using them. We think that it’s the attention to detail that makes the difference.

How do you feel about this second innovation?

I’m very proud of it. I’m a fondue lover, which is why I believed in the potential of my fondue set concept. I like products that are simple, modern and efficient, and I enjoy eating off our new plates on a daily basis! Their high-end finish is sleek and classy, and they make everyday meals and my Friday night sushi look absolutely stunning!

What’s the next step for Fondussimo?

After introducing a revolutionary way to enjoy fondue, we’ll continue to develop new products and new experiences; it’s only the start of a great adventure! I’m proud to see the Fondussimo logo engraved under these plates and happy to see our product line grow! After all, we’re the fondue experts!

We want to introduce this fun and friendly way of eating to people all over the world. It’s often forgotten, but the “Chinese” fondue is a Quebec tradition, with history even older than poutine! We think it’s a treasure worth sharing!

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