Enjoy summer fondues!

Fondue meals are a long-standing winter tradition in Quebec. But did you know that elsewhere in the world, it is a dish eaten in the hottest regions—even in the middle of summer?

If it seems a little strange to sit down for a big, hearty fondue meal in the middle of July, it’s mostly because you’re probably thinking about the comforting and warm Chinese fondue with red wine broth. But with the perforated baskets of your Fondussimo set, gourmets now have a seasonal opportunities to eat a delicious fondue!

Here are 5 types of fondues that are perfect for your best summer meals!

Fondues inspired by the beach and the sea

To lighten up your fondues, switching from red wine broth to white wine borth is a smart first step. Let’s face it though, a beef fondue with white wine is just a tad meh. So you need to revise your choice of protein. It’s a good thing that spring and summer are the season for many of the treasures of the sea, such as crab, shrimp and lobster.

Do you fish? Your catches will make delicious additions to the following fondues, especially when camping with access to electricity.

Fondues for summer parties

Organize a great summer fondue party for your family and friends using Fondussimo’s perforated baskets and ingenious recipes.

Set up your fondue set and toppings on a large table outside and let guests use the baskets to prepare fast-cooking ingredients to their liking and create their own custom meal: gyros, fajitas, European hot dogs and custom made pizza bites are sure to please young and not-so-young alike.

Want to make it easy for your guests to enjoy their meal outside? Make sure you keep an eye on the baskets and cook the most popular foods, which you can then arrange on a large serving plate. This will allow those in a hurry to get to the table faster.

Travel to new destinations with fondue

Fragrant broths, ingredients that make vegetables the stars of the show, a selection of more delicate rice and noodles…These are some of the characteristics of fondues that are perfect for a sunny day. With a cold brew or a dry white wine, you’ll be in for quite a treat!

Vegetarian fondues

Looking for a light, yet tasty fondue recipe? Why not explore some of our vegetarian recipes? An abundance of greens, seasonal mushrooms and beautiful root veggies will offer you a new way to celebrate summer on your plate. The ultimate treat? Seasonal corn slices, just blanched, in your favourite broth!

BBQ fondues

Do your building’s bylaws prohibit you from using a BBQ? Don’t like the smoke that fills your patio? Do you want everyone to be around the table instead of at the grill? Whatever the reason, our BBQ fondues offer a delicious and festive alternative in summer.

The best part? You can combine the BBQ AND the fondue, in order to warm-up vegetables that would have waited a little too long while the meat was cooking.

The summer approach to fondue is easy. Imagine tasting one of these recipes during evenings under the stars, at a campground or on the backyard patio. After all, a fondue set heats up a lot less than a BBQ and allows everyone to eat at their own pace at the table!

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