Easy to clean baskets!

We’ve all had negative experiences with dirty fondue forks that put the patience of the poor soul who’s in charge of the dishes to the test! It’s entirely understandable that we’re asked often if the perforated baskets of our fondue set are easy to clean. Good news! They absolutely are! Here are some quick facts and a few tips to optimize your experience!

Quality design

The perforated baskets of the Fondussimo set are made of food-grade stainless steel to ensure their strength and durability. Moreover, their design has been refined through numerous prototypes and by using feedback from our early adopters. The end result is a clever conception that’s based on holes that are optimized to prevent food residue from sticking, which makes the baskets super easy to clean!

They’re dishwasher safe!

Another big advantage our baskets have going for them is that they’re the only model on the market that’s dishwasher safe! For the lucky ones who have such an appliance at home, placing your Fondussimo baskets in it directly after the meal is a great way to clean them! And if you ever “forget” to load them in after eating, keep reading for the solution!

The miracle of hot water

Hot water will be your most effective ally to clean your Fondussimo perforated baskets. If you don’t want to wash the dishes right after the meal (we get that!), simply place the baskets in a container with hot water and a bit of soap; a sink with a stopper will do the trick! To make your life easier, don’t wait too long before putting the baskets to soak. And if you feel a bit tired at the end of a wonderful Fondussimo evening, just leave them to soak overnight, they’ll practically clean themselves and only need a quick wipe down in the morning!

Scrub your way to victory

We realize that after a delicious Fondussimo meal, some of our recommendations may not be followed to a tee, and that the remnants of a pleasant evening may be left to themselves a little too long! If this ever happens, don’t worry! The perforated baskets of the Fondussimo set are designed to last and to be scrubbed. If some residues want to outlast their welcome, don’t be afraid to use scouring pads to scrub ’em off! We recommend using eco-friendly pads made from recycled plastic fibre, as they are reusable, machine washable and dishwasher safe. They’ll also ensure that you don’t scratch the handles of the baskets, while still being tough on the incrustations! Here are some examples of the type of pads we recommend:

Similar pads are available in many big box stores or at your favourite eco-friendly boutique!

To conclude, we just want to assure you that our revolutionary idea of using perforated baskets for the Fondussimo set did not become a reality with a snap of the fingers! We’ve put a lot of thought and effort to create a high-quality product, and our premium stainless steel baskets are evidence of that. By applying our advice and a touch of common sense, we guarantee that your Fondussimo baskets will always be a breeze to clean!

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