Convenient, chic, and stylish: Our new tableware set is here!

Fondussimo helped you discover a revolutionary way to enjoy fondue, and we’re back for more with our new 10-piece tableware set! It will help you reinvent the way you present your culinary endeavours, whether they’re related to fondue or not!

Anyone who doesn’t have an old set of dishes collecting dust in the back of their cupboard, raise your hand! Dishes break, go out of fashion, disappear after moving day…

At Fondussimo, we’ve found the solution (except for the moving part!): a durable, practical, timeless set of modular tableware that will ensure compliments from your guests, and meals that make you want to slow down and enjoy those precious moments shared with your loved ones.


An elegant touch for every occasion

We have designed this set to allow its elements to be combined and nested into each other. Not only will this help you save space in your cupboards, but it will also lend a chic and modern feel to your foodie experiments, to the height of your desire to enjoy the moment!

This versatile set is perfect to display all kinds of feasts: bento platters, hors d’oeuvres with friends, charcuterie boards, sushi… the possibilities are endless!

As you may have guessed, this kit is also a wonderful match for our Fondussimo fondue set! Combine and arrange the plates to divide rice, sauces and salads, make the most of the space available at the table, showcase your dips and garnishes or place your Fondussimo basket on a small plate of its own; your old fondue dishes don’t stand a chance!

Looking to elevate your Sunday brunch, impress your guests around the patio table, or revel in a sophisticated tête-à-tête? Fondussimo’s modular tableware set is the best way to showcase your culinary creations in the way they deserve!


10 pieces to combine as you wish

The set includes two large square plates, two serving platters, two small plates, and two sauce bowls, all made of premium quality porcelain coated with a high-end black glaze. In addition to being quite sturdy (an underrated quality of porcelain when compared to stoneware), these pieces are heat-retaining and dishwasher safe.

Also included are two convenient modern serving tongs that are designed to grab all kinds of food, whether to place them in a perforated Fondussimo basket or to eat with a bit of flair!

Get this Fondussimo 10-piece modular tableware set now! It’s available with a 10% preorder discount throughout July and August 2022 and will be delivered in September!

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