6 tips for a successful sweet fondue

We’ve been developing recipes for fondue lovers for years, but despite the high demand, our program only includes a few sweet creations. The reason for that? Sweet fondues are very different from traditional fondues and present a unique set of challenges.

The success of our savoury fondues is based on a selection of foods that absorb the broth well or cook long enough to become full of flavour. Fruit is not very absorbent, and cookies, pastries and other similar goodies soften very quickly when exposed to high temperatures.

To ensure convenient and hygienic use of our perforated baskets, the broth cannot be as thick as melted chocolate, which has a texture that allows fruit and other sweet toppings to be coated in one movement.

Nevertheless, it’s entirely possible to try sweeter broths by adapting the way you prepare and enjoy a new, lighter, and healthier style of dessert fondue!

Don’t overload the baskets

When reaching dessert, you’ll generally be less hungry than at brunch or dinner. To get the most out of your dessert fondue and avoid wolfing it down in under 10 minutes, we suggest placing only one piece of food per basket and keeping a watchful eye on the soaking time.

Reduce your soaking time

Mini-muffins and honey-glazed doughnut holes are especially tasty when dipped in a sweet broth, but keep in mind that they only require 2 to 5 seconds of soaking time. Most fruits, such as strawberries and bananas, soften in as little as 1 to 2 minutes. And remember: the riper they are, the shorter the cooking time.

Choose the right fruit

Fruits that are known to poach well (apple or pear pieces), those that retain their original shape when cooked (pineapple, lychees, orange pieces), or those sold not quite ripe (cantaloupes, mangoes) are all excellent choices for a sweet fondue.

We do not recommend using fruits that have a membrane, such as blueberries or grapes. Others, such as raspberries, will turn into mush in the broth, which is less than ideal!

Focus on safe bets

We’ve done the brunt of the work and tested dozens of ingredients, including all kinds of cookies, madeleines, mini chocolate bars, breakfast cereals and more. Our favourite sweet toppings stay the same: toasted frozen waffle strips, homemade pancake rolls, macaroons and store-bought mini brownies are sure to please the whole table!

Experiment with other sweet toppings

Have family members who love dipping their cookies in milk? Try including some in your next sweet fondue! One taste test at a time, you’ll discover which toppings are your crew’s favourites.

Add an interesting sauce

Most sweet foods are a little too soft to be dipped with ease, but a good dessert sauce will surely add to the fun! Remember to pour it over your cooked toppings with a spoon, saucier or dropper. Fruity coulis, whipped cream, custard, chocolate sauce, salted caramel: the only limitation is your imagination!

Want to try out sweet fondues? Here are 3 fun recipes:

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