5 lighter fondue recipes

Fondue is often seen as a pretty hearty dish, and it usually is! But as you may know, here at Fondussimo, we like to reinvent everything about fondue!

Our 40+ original recipes, which you can find right here, are great ways to explore different gastronomic avenues, whether through fondues that evoke exotic flavours, classic-style recipes, or fondues that think a little outside the box!

And as the title of this article suggests, the Fondussimo repertoire also includes lighter recipes! They’re ideal when you want a good comforting fondue that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the evening. Check out our 5 favourite light fondue recipes below, they’re all worth a try!


The Pho Fondue

This recipe is extremely popular among Fondussimo Fans, which is no surprise since it truly has it all! Whether you make it in its simplified or traditional version (see the ‘A few tips’ section of the recipe for details), its rich Asian-inspired flavours are sure to please everyone at the table!

This recipe is a fun twist on the amazing Vietnamese ‘Pho’, so it goes without saying that its leftover broth can easily be used to make a super savoury soup!


The Borscht Fondue

Following a vegetarian diet is a great way to eat healthy, and our Borscht Fondue recipe is right in line with that philosophy! That being said, this fondue will also be splendid with pork or beef meatballs. You’ll love soaking them in its yummy beetroot broth before dipping them in a sour cream and dill sauce!

We recommend that you don’t skimp on the amount of veggies you prepare with this fondue – it’s time to see how many different colours you can stack in a Fondussimo basket! And if you have leftover toppings after the meal, cook them in the broth before putting them in the fridge; they’ll make a good base for a beautiful salad when combined with your leftover dill dip!


The Provencal Fondue

Provence is one of the most beautiful regions in the world, and Provencal cuisine is right up there with it! This simple recipe is super refreshing (especially with a nice glass of white wine!), and perfect to showcase local products such as veal, rabbit or pork, old-fashioned mustard, and all your favourite seasonal vegetables!

This healthy recipe is at its best on special occasions, and remember that the quality of the wine used in the broth will have a direct influence on its taste!


The Fisherman’s Fondue

As its name suggests, this recipe is a tribute to the tasty wonders of the sea! Fish and seafood are excellent sources of protein that are generally low in calories and rich in essential nutrients such as omega-3.

The perforated baskets of the Fondussimo set are far superior to traditional fondue forks when it comes to preparing fish in a fondue. Its flaky flesh, which tends to fall apart when pierced with a fork, remains intact when placed in a basket, allowing you to cook every bite to perfection!


The Vegetarian Spring Fondue

This vegetarian recipe is perfect for those who always look forward to spring! It’s invigorating and will tempt you with luscious greens, which are great for replenishing your vitamins after a (too) long winter!

The pesto mayo of this recipe can be made with low-fat mayonnaise if you want to cut back on that, and you’ll easily turn any leftover broth into a deliciously creamy soup!


Gone are the days when all fondues looked and tasted the same! Slices of meat and mushrooms cooked in a rich red wine broth are now just one of the many tasty options that can be enjoyed in this friendly way of eating. As the 5 recipes above show, there are many ways to enjoy lighter fondues with Fondussimo!

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