12 absorbent foods you’ve likely never thought of

It’s no coincidence that fondue fans’ favourite vegetables are broccoli and mushrooms! These two vegetables absorb a large amount of broth, and are therefore tastier because of it.

With Fondussimo, you can now cook a wider variety of foods. Our team has compiled this list of 12 of our fondue favourites just for you!

1. Cauliflower

It may take a bit longer to cook than broccoli, but it’s just as absorbent and its more neutral taste is suitable for all fondues. Try it and you’ll love it!

2. Baby bok choi

With its textured leaves and dense core, slice baby bok choi into two pieces to become a prime candidate for absorbing Asian broths.

Suggestion: Pho Fondue

3. Miniature peppers

Remove the stem, the heart and the seeds from miniature peppers and you’ll get a great ingredient that sponges up the broth!

Suggestion : Peanut Chicken Fondue

4. Zucchini

Just like eggplant, zucchini flesh softens and absorbs broth as it cooks, which will be sure to please!

Suggestion : Provencal Fondue

5. Okra

Perhaps unfamiliar to Canadians, okra is very popular in curries and gumbos from several culinary traditions, and for good reason. It can absorb a large amount of broth.
Be careful, however; it must be cooked properly so that it has optimal texture.

6. Sausage meat

Ground sausage meat will store a large amount of broth, but only if the inside meat is exposed, as the sausage casings form a barrier that is difficult to penetrate. Cut your sausages into 1-inch slices or split them in half, and voila!

Suggestion: Oktoberfest Fondue

7. Escargot

While maybe not to everyone’s liking, one thing is indisputable: Escargots are great little broth sponges. When reheated, they’ll become so tender they’ll melt in your mouth!

Suggestion : White Wine Fondue

8. Crusty bread

Even though baguette bread goes well with fondue meals, lightly crusted sourdough bread is a real treat for bread lovers! However, avoid white breads with a soft, crumbly inside, as this will become soft and unappetizing.

Suggestion: Sugar Shack Fondue

9. Eggs

Eggs are so deliciously absorbent; they complement many fondues while providing a protein option for vegetarians. Although some people poach their eggs directly in the broth, we find it easier to make an omelet first.

Suggestion : Pad Thaï Fondue

10. Dumplings

It’s as if dumplings were invented to be cooked in broth. Given their Asian flavour profile, we recommend them especially for Asian-style fondues, but there’s nothing stopping you from exploring a bit on your own!

Suggestion : General Tao Fondue

11. Noodles (in general)

Ramen, rice noodles, stuffed pasta: all of these will absorb broth. We’ve even prepared a short guide to help you include this food in your next fondue meal.

Suggestion : Italian Fondue

12. Tofu puffs

An essential favourite in Asian hot pots! Thanks to their airy interior, these little clouds fill up with broth like no other food.

Are you planning to incorporate a wide variety of absorbent foods into your next fondue? Remember to double the amount of broth required, because nothing is more disappointing than a fondue meal cut short because there’s nothing left in which to cook your food!

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