Fondussimo: A fondue set that’s worth its weight in gold!

The regular price of the Fondussimo fondue set is $174.99. That’s may seem a lot of money to spend on a whim. It only stands to reason that you want to be sure to get your money’s worth! That’s why our fondue set offers the best quality-price-experience ratio on the market.


Unique perforated baskets

Our Fondussimo could be sold for less, but if it were, it couldn’t come with 6 high-end stainless-steel baskets that are dishwasher-safe. Instead, they would be made of metal mesh, which is difficult to clean, prone to quick damage and, let’s face it, has a much less polished and stylish look than our signature baskets.


Safety and versatility

To reduce the cost of manufacturing our fondue set, we could have chosen to equip it with a traditional burner rather than an electric power supply, but we preferred to offer you a safe, reliable and efficient product. In the race to reduce pricing, Fondussimo would also not have a non-stick coating, which makes it perfect as a backup cooking solution beyond fondue meals.


Generous inclusions

To save dollars, it would have been possible to remove components from the Fondussimo package, such as the lid that allows for a variety of recipes, without the baskets. We could have eliminated the free extended warranty (a market first!), which ensures 3 years of peace of mind.

While a traditional fondue set is only used 2-3 times a year, our customers use ours much more often thanks to our four-season recipes. They are perfect for all occasions: celebrations, family dinners, the patio, the cottage and even camping. Our biggest fans even use their sets every week! That can add up to over 150 fondue meals in 3 years!


Exceptional service

We could have also lowered the price of Fondussimo by not offering a recipe program created exclusively for our users. Also in the interest of saving money, we could have entrusted the after-sales support to a foreign firm—rather than choosing to create quality jobs in Québec and supporting our local economy.


The best quality/price/experience ratio

But the reason Fondussimo has a special place in the hearts of fondue enthusiasts is precisely because our set offers all this and more; as proof, our price of $174.99 + taxes includes free delivery across Québec.

We have worked hard to earn our title as the world leader in reinvented fondue every day. We are grateful that customers support our approach based on a deep respect for special moments around the table and a passion of wanting to do things the right way.

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Help your children enjoy fondue (finally)

Help your kids enjoy fondue (finally)!

Does it seem like a mission impossible trying to get your children to love fondue? Not with the Fondussimo! Along with smart ideas, discover how our fondue set with perforated baskets makes the fondue experience more enjoyable for little ones. Give them a meal experience they won’t forget when they can handle the baskets by themselves!