All you need to know on broth level management

Do you own a Fondussimo? Given its large 3-liter capacity, you’ll find that you need more broth than for a conventional fondue. Here are our best tips for planning your fondue meal!

How much broth to expect?

The Fondussimo user guide suggests that you make a minimum of 2.6 liters of broth to ensure your meal goes smoothly. This works out to be about 2 liters for the initial filling and the remainder is used to replace the broth absorbed by the food during the meal.

But in fact, the “right” amount depends on a few factors.

Vary the volume based on the number of guests

Will there be 2-3 guests at your table? You might be tempted to reduce the amount of broth, but then the broth’s height in the Fondussimo pot may be insufficient to fully immerse the ingredients in the baskets. A fan shared his “trick” with us to use less broth for dinner parties. Simply fill 1 or 2 baskets with baby potatoes to take up volume in the pot. Then you can eat these potatoes at the end of the meal or some other time afterwards.

Will there be 5-6 guests at your table? Since a large volume of ingredients will be cooked simultaneously, it is better to put a little less broth in your Fondussimo at the beginning of the meal. But you will then need to add broth more often during the meal.

When the ingredients have a say

Do you plan to cook pasta or other absorbent foods, like mushrooms, broccoli or fried tofu? They will soak up a lot of broth!

If you’re enjoying a meal for 2, it won’t have much of an impact, but if you are feeding 4 people or more, you’ll definitely have to prepare a larger quantity, at least double. By precooking your pasta in water (which is not obligatory or necessary), you can reduce the amount of broth required during the meal.

Is your broth level dropping very quickly during the meal despite the fact that you aren’t cooking absorbent food? You might be boiling the liquid too much, which can speed up evaporation. Turn the temperature control down a little lower and add a little water to replace what’s lost! 

Our best advice

When in doubt, make a little more broth, because there’s nothing more annoying than running out of fondue broth during a meal. Are you wondering what to do with the broth left over after your meal? We suggest you read this article, which provides several avenues for transformation!

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